Blind No Longer Incompetent In Oklahoma

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          From the Editor: I recently received a letter from Eva Chaney, president of the National Federation of the Blind of Oklahoma, which said in part: " ... state laws can happen without the public's ever knowing." The rest of her letter explained what she meant. Here it is:

          In Oklahoma there was an Incompetency Law that stated the blind, deaf, mute, or any combination thereof could be declared incompetent based on said physical handicap. No, it wasn't left over from the Dark Ages. It was only enacted in 1980. It has taken the past four years, with great opposition from lawyers, finally to remove this law. Thanks to the hard work of the NFB of Oklahoma and state legislator Betty Boyd this threat no longer exists.

          On May 15, 1992, Oklahoma Governor David Walters signed a new law which abolished this injustice. Members of the National Federation of the Blind of Oklahoma were invited to attend this important event. I would advise Federationists throughout the country to check the incompetency laws in their states.

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